APF offers a wide range of activities! Check out the offerings below. If you are interested in scheduling a tour or lesson, please contact Msafiri Zawose (+255) 784829218 or Ngajimah Hashim (+255) 714897611. Karibuni sana!

Music Lessons 

Lessons are given in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. The cost is Tzs 20,000=/ per hour, group rates are available. (Click on the name of the instrument to see a picture)

  • Traditional drumming (Mheme Traditional Gogo Woman Drumming)
  • Limba (thumb piano)
  • Zeze (1, 2, 4, and 12 string available)
  • Ndono
  • Traditional singing/voice lessons
  • Traditional Tanzanian dancing
  • Kayamba

Instrument/Costume Making Lessons

Learn how to make traditional Gogo instruments and costumes! The cost is Tzs 20,000=/ per hour + the cost of the instrument/materials.

  • Limba
  • Zeze
  • Ankle bells
  • Ngoma (mheme drums)
  • Others available upon request!

Art Lessons

Learn different styles of traditional Tanzanian art from tinga tinga painting to wood sculpture carvings! The cost is Tzs 20,000=/ per hour + the cost of materials.

  • Tinga Tinga painting
  • Wood Carvings/Sculptures
Cultural Activities
Experience Bagamoyo! Local cultural activities are a great way to explore and learn about Tanzanian culture!
  • Local bike tour (Tzs 40,000 =/ for 3 hours + bike rental)- includes trips to the Catholic Mission, Salt Farms, Magomeni, and Old Art Market in Old Bagamoyo!
  • Tanzanian cooking- Learn to cook ugali and other traditional Tanzanian dishes over a wood fire!

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